The evolution of birthdays, according to an adult

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I’m not officially old yet but…

Column: Income prejudice is alive and well in Cowichan

Her argument was that apartment buildings inevitably lead to the deterioration of neighbourhoods.

Column: Chris Wilkinson: It’s more than just a meal

By Chris Wilkinson

  • Sep 20th, 2017

Chef Dez: Making the perfect homemade burger – part 3 of 3

When building a burger from scratch, many people will tend to be scant with the toppings

  • Sep 20th, 2017

Column Drivesmart: High collision area needs sign

I live near a section of Highway 19 that travels through a built up area.

  • Sep 19th, 2017

COLUMN T.W. Paterson: Everyone has a story to tell

Somewhere, T.W. has an interview with Florence Padley, a survivor the torpedoing of the Lusitania

  • Sep 19th, 2017
Cowichan United Way 2017 kicks off campaign with breakfast, big donation


    Hill 60 may become new launch site for para- and hang gliding


      Accident on Trans Canada Highway


        Lake Cowichan Trunk Treasures at Saywell Park


          B.C. VIEWS: Plucking the golden goose

          B.C. NDP, federal Liberals raise high-earner income tax to 50%

          Column T.W. Paterson: More historical nuggets from today’s news

          Congratulations to the Norwegians for rescuing the Maud

          • Sep 16th, 2017

          Column: Forced exercise yields unexpected mountainside inspiration

          And with that it was settled. Sunday turned into mountain climbing day.

          Column Drivesmart: The school year begins again

          We place a high value on our children and signify that with school and playground zones.

          • Sep 14th, 2017

          Column: ‘Again’ used to communicate urgency, not to dismiss missing girl

          When a teen regularly goes missing it seems clear she is living a high-risk lifestyle.

          Column Drivesmart: My name is Tim and I’m a bad driver

          I don’t try to be a bad driver; I try to do my best when I get behind the wheel.

          • Sep 13th, 2017

          Column T.W. Paterson: Recent news story recalls B.C.’s first aviation fatality

          In seconds, the balloon reached such an altitude that Marble “assumed the proportions of a large doll”

          • Sep 13th, 2017

          BC VIEWS: Little integrity left to protect

          Darryl Plecas taints an already shabby B.C. political scene

          David Suzuki column: Nature offers solutions to water woes and flood risks

          We let our technical abilities get ahead of our wisdom.

          • Sep 10th, 2017

          Guest column: Solar farm report card from a Cowichan carbon buster

          My solar farm demonstrates the new economics of renewable vs. fossil fuel energy.

          • Sep 9th, 2017

          T.W. Paterson column: 20 years: Thanks for the memories

          Last week the Cowichan Chronicles entered their 20th year in the Cowichan Valley Citizen.

          • Sep 9th, 2017

          Chef Dez: Making the perfect homemade burger, part 2 of 3

          There are literally countless ingredients one can add to their hamburger mix

          • Sep 8th, 2017

          Column: Is the outrage really about their salary or is it about your own?

          Why do we always want everyone to join us in the race to the bottom?