Perhaps a service a Kohima memorial in order

I remembered them.

  • Nov 17th, 2017

Thank you for kind gesture

What a delightful surprise my comrade and I had when we went to pay for our food.

  • Nov 17th, 2017

Make watershed empire building an election issue

I would like to thank Mr. Kuhn (Director Area I, CVRD)

  • Nov 17th, 2017

More local politicians climbing aboard the E & N gravy train

It takes frequent, inexpensive quality service to get people out of their cars.

  • Nov 17th, 2017

Tired of increasing gas prices

I worked, paid taxes, walk the very town called Duncan.

  • Nov 17th, 2017

Winning argument has trumped safety concerns at Lake intersection

In the past year, someone (namely me) has been publicly critical of the traffic calming

Christmas Chaos 2017 at the Island Savings Centre in Duncan
    Commercial vehicles checked on Hwy 18
      Commercial vehicles checked on Hwy 18
        Will Cowichan Rock in future?

          Not willing to be herded on climate change

          We all know that politicians are entirely honest, would never lie to us or try to manipulate us

          • Nov 17th, 2017

          Duncan Best Buy comes through again

          This will be the only Best Buy store we will shop at from now on.

          • Nov 16th, 2017

          Poverty reduction plan unlikely to get results

          B.C. poverty reduction plan will most likely just be a glossy, feel good kind of document

          • Nov 16th, 2017

          Funds for Evergreen School pavilion questionable

          We further believe that the pavilion structure is a capital asset like the school building itself.

          • Nov 16th, 2017

          Island Corridor should build a monorail system

          Why would anyone accept a copy of the previous set up when it was designed to, ultimately, fail?

          Column: Free with purchase: glasses with your alcohol?

          One company offered a handy travel case to store your tampons in.

          Editorial: Drywall disposal changes raise worry about illegal dumping

          We can only hope we won’t now run across it dumped in the woods.

          • Nov 17th, 2017

          Rail schedule must suit commuters

          Trains have to run at times and frequency that meets the work schedule of the commuter.

          • Nov 16th, 2017

          Local officials deserve praise for Cowichan Lake upgrades

          All these initiatives are extremely important for the area’s longevity

          • Nov 15th, 2017

          Fish farming should only be on land

          But this can be solved by allowing such farming on land only

          • Nov 15th, 2017

          Taxpayer apathy to blame for status quo

          I’ll tell you why in one word: apathy.

          • Nov 15th, 2017

          Editorial: Trains can have successful future

          One thing is absolutely clear: if we give up the track now, we will never get it back.

          • Nov 15th, 2017

          Don’t have to run to hold government accountable

          Should we be silent?

          • Nov 13th, 2017