Sonia Furstenau: Setting the record straight on soil fight

We were a community that had been ignored by a process that was a failure

  • Mar 29th, 2017

Liberal education “facts” need clarification

The “facts” on student achievements reflects only a small number of students who took the tests.

  • Mar 29th, 2017

Bouncy castle almost didn’t happen for Saltair Easter

The Saltair Easter event is a Saltair tradition and has been going on for 40 years.

  • Mar 29th, 2017

Who are the real Valley water hogs?

To reduce water consumption is a commendable goal

  • Mar 29th, 2017

$10 a day childcare a terrible idea

Good childcare actually costs an absolute minimum of $40/day

  • Mar 29th, 2017

Raids on pot dispensaries an utter waste

Many B.C. residents received doctor’s notes giving them access to “medical alcohol”

  • Mar 28th, 2017
Spring heather sale at Cobble Hill Hall offers special chance for gardeners


Eagle Eyes plays Riverside in Lake Cowichan


Pickleball group talks about growing sport


RCMP on lookout for distracted drivers


Area D Director: Get all the info on proposed rezoning

The Cowichan estuary, a place close to my own heart

  • Mar 28th, 2017

Province has failed to fill health care gap

Here is where our province has stealthily instituted two-tier health care, without our consent.

We are facing crisis of extinction

Journalists and experts are using the term “extinction” in reference to the crisis facing our world.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Keep toads hoppy with alternative route

All we are asking is to give a species a chance: the Western Toad.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

T.W. Paterson: More nuggets from my readers

“Now we have seen the same story in the [Citizen] so it must be true!”—Roger Cullum.

  • Mar 28th, 2017

Cannabis use needs scrutiny

Life at times is a lottery, when it comes to eating, exercise, tobacco alcohol, cannabis etc.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Genetic discrimination is NDP policy

Preventing man from running is genetic discrimination

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Reduce fossil fuels for children’s future

It’s time to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies once and for all.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Thank you for all those who helped

Especially thank you to Randy, the retired EMT who took control of the situation

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Warmland is about the people

I moved to the Cowichan ‘Warmland’ Valley 31 years ago and now

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Cannabis banned because it threatened cotton

Recorded use goes back over 10 thousand years.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Time to end fossil fuel subsidies

Fossil fuel subsidies pad private profits at the cost of public health.

  • Mar 27th, 2017

Anyone up for a gas prices protest?

The answer is: it can’t be justified.

  • Mar 27th, 2017