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Nurse Next Door: Reduce seniors isolation to reduce risk

Nurse Next Door: Reduce seniors isolation to reduce risk

Did you hear the story of an elderly man who died after falling in his home?

Nurse Next Door: Reduce seniors isolation to reduce risk

Discover happier aging, inspired aging

A 92-year-old who ran marathons throughout her 70s and 80s, and joined a Toastmasters group at 82.

Aging 101: choices affect our future health

Aging. We all do it. And we all do it differently.

Seniors in British Columbia seeing their incomes shrinking

Since 2013, B.C. senior families saw their annual median income fall 5.7 per cent.

Social supports key to aging well mentally

You’ve probably already heard or seen how prevalent isolation and loneliness are amongst our senior population.

Even caring has a limit to it

With the daily demands life puts on us, it is stressful to provide comprehensive daily care to elderly parents

Loss and grieving: five stages

In senior care, one must be able to handle loss on a regular basis.

Aging parents — where to turn when you notice changes

More and more busy people are learning what it means to have an aging parent who needs help, and needs it now!

Opportunity knocks at local presentation

From the moment I arrived and sat down (beside Terry) he seemed like such an easy person to talk to.

Intelligent aging pushing margins

Our Intelligent Aging group chose an important question: How do you age intelligently?

Can you control happiness?

This month, I’d like to focus on what scientific research suggests controls our happiness from inside.

Get to know someone… fast

This is the Reader’s Digest version of getting to know someone’s key personality traits in under a minute.

B.C. Seniors Advocate, Canada’s first, headed to Island meeting

Recently, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services sponsored a local event that…

Preventing falls is critical

For anyone with aging or elderly parents, fall prevention is one of…

Intelligent Aging event offered tons of great tips for later years

This past week, some friends and I hosted an Intelligent Aging event…

Unmet needs at home causing stress

A very interesting report on unmet care needs in the home was…

Plan ahead to make sure you get the care that you want

Do you know what advance care planning is? You should.Advance care planning…

Too exhausted to care?

It is stressful for adult children to provide comprehensive daily care to…

Ode to Ella: living for another

Ella is approaching her 100th birthday and is as miserable as a…

Cognitive load reduction a risk

Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it. -…