David Suzuki

David Suzuki: Intact wilderness hedge against ignorance

In 2011, I travelled with my family down Yukon's Hart River.

Greatness in moving forward, not backward

The battle lines are drawn — in some cases literally.

David Suzuki: Marvellous monarchs move McKenna

Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna had her mind blown recently.

David Suzuki: Drinking water needs more Ottawa help

Neskantaga First Nation in Ontario has had to boil water since 1995.

David Suzuki: Understanding climate beyond headlines

Van der Wiel points out that mild weather isn’t necessarily good, as it can also create negative conditions.

David Suzuki: We need to work less to live better lives

Since the 1950s, almost everything about work in the developed world has changed dramatically.

David Suzuki: Anthropocentric view ignores connections

For decades, scientists have warned that we’re on a dangerous path.

David Suzuki: We can learn so much from natural world

If you fly over a forest and look down, you’ll see every green tree and plant reaching to absorb the ultimate energy source: sunlight.

David Suzuki: Tread lightly to lift the weight of the world

How much stuff will you give and receive this holiday season?

David Suzuki: Indigenous people hold key to caribou

When government biologists in Canada want to learn where caribou are, they put radio-tracking collars on some animals

David Suzuki: Reconciliation requires rights-based fishing

Fishing is as emblematic to Canada as ice hockey. It’s also a way of life with a long tradition in coastal Indigenous communities.

David Suzuki: Hard work and love trump fear and hate

But global warming isn’t going to pause for four years. It’s going to accelerate. Do we give up?

David Suzuki: Extinction crisis signals it’s time to change

Clean air, water and soil to grow food are necessities of life. So are diverse plant and animal populations.

David Suzuki: Oil spills: ‘world class’ may not mean much

In July, a pipeline leak near Maidstone, Saskatchewan, spilled about 250,000 litres of diluted bitumen into the North Saskatchewan River

David Suzuki: Heated debates ignore overheating planet

Considering the magnitude of the threat, you’d think global warming would merit an entire debate between the two contenders for president

David Suzuki: Food security is vital for humans and animals

About four million Canadians — including more than a million children — lack food security

David Suzuki: We can’t dig our way out of fossil fuels pit

I’ve often thought politicians inhabit a parallel universe.

David Suzuki: Carbon dioxide: pollutant or plant food?

Life evolved to live within limits. It’s a delicate balance. Humans need oxygen, but too much can kill us.

David Suzuki: Wild Pacific salmon face upstream battle

Salmon have been swimming in Pacific Northwest waters for at least seven million years

David Suzuki: In diversity there is strength and resilience

Within ecosystems, species diversity provides greater flexibility to adjust to disturbances.