Chef Dez

Chef Dez: Guinness beef stew for St. Patrick’s Day

There are a number of novelty consumables that consistently reappear in the marketplace during the days leading up to March 17.

Chef Dez: Black bean soup a perfect comfort food

This is the time of year that we also yearn for comfort food.

Chef Dez: Staying on track with your resolution

Are you planning a new year’s resolution to eat healthier or lose weight?

Chef Dez: Single malt & pork

Back then however, we had this bottle of Laphroaig and because we didn’t feel up to drinking it, I decided to cook with it.

Chef Dez: Spicing up your winter meals with peppers

The winter months are fast approaching and are the perfect time to add a little “kick” to your menu at home.

Chef Dez: Ultimate grilled Philly cheesesteak sandwiches

It is rare that I eat out at a restaurant, but when I do, I want to be satisfied with the flavour of my purchase.

Nutritious school snack ideas for the kids

Packing kids lunches is a chore for many, and sometimes one can lose sight of nutritional value due to heavily marketed convenience foods.

Get kids cooking with these easy favourites

Kids are still out of school for approximately another month. Their spare time is a great chance to get them to help out with meals.