Philip Wolf

Snowbirds soar over Nanaimo

Famed air demonstration squadron stages event for children's charity

Sure, you can build it – just not in my backyard

NIMBY: A person who objects to the siting of something perceived as unpleasant in their own neighbourhood.

Superhero Moms always know where everything is

“They’re under the middle cushion of the couch downstairs, beside the comic you took from your sister.”

From baby oil to SPF: sunbathing a different world today

As you read this, the plan was for me to be exposing as much of my pasty-white carcass to the sun as possible

Oh, the profanity! Does swearing really bother you?

I can still recall a lecture I received from my Mum, who overheard me as a kid tell another young fellow to have relations with himself

Philip Wolf: Who wants shredded cardboard for breakfast?

If someone says “summer vacation” what immediately springs to mind?

Stupidity of leaving dogs in hot cars should have big price

“Let me give you a piece of advice,” I said to my son, 19 and completely uninterested in the old-man pontification

Philip Wolf: Ali meant something to so many around the world

I got that chance during the past week, checking out an endless array of old stories and videos after Muhammad Ali died last Friday.

Road Rage: Bad driving habits can get everyone a little uptight

Tailgaters. Guys in the fast lane at 130 km/h, with a cigarette in one hand, a burger in the other, steering with their knees.

Philip Wolf: Thou shalt not use a fork to eat your french fries

OK, how many of you recoiled in horror at the mere sight of the photo accompanying this piece?

Philip Wolf: Secretly seeking Lord Stanley’s prized hockey chalice

It is the sporting world’s most iconic trophy. It has inspired awe and reverence from Port Hardy to Prague.

The Temp: Every day of the year should be Mother’s Day

Sunday is one of the most special days on the calendar. Mother’s Day.

The Temp: Soundtrack of youth loses another familiar voice

Dearly beloved/We are gathered here today/To get through this thing called life...

The Temp: Remember any old phone numbers?

Tucked away in the recesses of my mind are an endless array of phone numbers.

Breaking the ice: weather and sports gear staples

An old pearl of wisdom ingrained into pretty much everyone from the time they come into the world. For kids, it’s remarkably sage advice.

Nothing beats the scenery, and the climate on Vancouver Island

I have to apologize to Vancouver Island — that’s right, the actual island.

Getting fingerprinted a strange experience

I believe it was the first time in my life, though it may have happened when I was a toddler for one of those little safety booklets

Mud Run memories and other school tales

“Philip, there’s a man up front who says he’s an old friend. Do you have time to see him?”

Caps return to post-season for first time in four years

The Cowichan Valley Capitals are set for the B.C. Hockey League’s second season

Four wheels replace two earlier these days

Thanks to my pals at Google Maps, I now understand why I weighed about a buck-fifty in high school.