Tim Schewe

Drivesmart: Distracted driving month in British Columbia

Hey you! Yeah, YOU, put the phone down and pay attention to where you're driving!

Drivesmart: Convenience vs. catastrophe

The pickup ahead of me moved over into the oncoming lane and stopped there across from a group waiting to catch the school bus.

It’s not easy being a pedestrian in drivers’ world

In a perfect world, drivers would have no hesitation in stopping for pedestrians.

Drivesmart: Know before you go: check out conditions

The beginning of this month was not a good one for many road users in the province with the weather-related closures

Drivesmart: Hey there! Don’t plow me in

Your kingdom ends at the property line and property for the highway begins on the other side.

Drivesmart: Things you should know about traffic court

Are you planning on having someone that is not a lawyer appear with you in traffic court?

Drivesmart: Priority for emergency vehicles at traffic lights

When you need the services of firefighters or paramedics seconds can seem like hours.

Drivesmart: Ready or not, here I come!

There was an interesting post on Twitter this week showing drivers interacting with pedestrians

Drivesmart: Am I making a difference with warnings?

The primary tools available to all traffic enforcement personnel are warnings and tickets.

Drivesmart: Violation ticket defects

One of the first responses people have after receiving a traffic ticket is to find a defect, real or imagined

Drivesmart: Saftey and speeding in residential areas

This is a story from Chestnut Street in Parksville, but could just as easily take place on any residential street in British Columbia.

Drivesmart: Famous last words: just drive slow

“My tires aren’t the greatest, there’s really no point living in Vancouver to get, you know, snow tires."

Drivesmart: Is your vehicle mechanically fit?

Being able to go to our vehicle, put our key in the ignition and drive off is a luxury that we seldom consider.

Drivesmart: Insurance fraud and insurance rates: who to believe?

Ouch! My ICBC insurance rates are going up as much as 42 per cent over the next five years

Drivesmart: What are my duties as a driver on the road

It’s probably not something that you would consider first, but you have a general duty of care to all other road users.

Drivesmart: Parking lots are hazardous places for cars

I had a bit of a scare the other day when I tried to back out of a space in a busy parking lot.

Drivesmart: Emergency manoeuvres

A reader was traveling recently and was stopped in a large collection of vehicles waiting for a red light at the intersection

Drivesmart: Review and improve your own driving skills

What have you done in the recent past to learn something new or review what you already know about driving?

Dealing with justice system after a crash

How do I deal with the legal system after my son was killed by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel?

Drivesmart: Near miss on the road

I received a very detailed e-mail this week from a lady who was walking in a dark, rural area and was almost hit by a car