Tom Paterson

T.W. Paterson: Locally and nationally, heritage is news

Over the last 30 years Canada has lost over 20 per cent of its historical buildings. —the National Trust for Canada.

T.W. Paterson: One man’s junk another man’s treasure

The hunters who swore they'd seen the old logging truck said the solid brass radiator was intact

Shawnigan’s soil dump isn’t alone

One of the worst cases of continuing pollution is that of the historic Britannia Mines of Howe Sound, 45 kilometres north of Vancouver.

T.W. Paterson: Not everything in the news is ‘new’

Going back perhaps as much as 14,000 years, archaeologists have been examining the seabed off Haida Gwaii

T.W. Paterson: ‘Terrible Sensation! Murdered at Whitfield Brothers…’

One Monday morning, Shears went to fill up his powder can as usual and, to his horror, found a fuse leading from one of the kegs.

Grateful for mention of heroic grandfather

"If only the young miners would take heed and know of the struggle and suffering the old miners went through..." —Jock Gilmour

T.W. Paterson: Mayea family made mark on Valley history

Looking through your book, Tales the Tombstones Tell, I came across my cousin’s name, Ernest Francis (Frankie) Mayea

T.W. Paterson: How Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch Castle (Part 5)

According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Craigdarroch is the only true castle on the North American continent, one of only two ever built.

T.W. Paterson: How Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch Castle (Part 4)

“We also will spend some money on the castle itself. I know it’s in very bad condition.” —Mayor Haddock.

T.W. Paterson: How James Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch castle (Part 3)

When Nesbitt said that the castle must be preserved at all costs, Ald. Tom Christie replied, “He gets a little carried away sometimes.”

T.W. Paterson: How Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch Castle (Part 2)

“Why bother with Craigdarroch Castle? It is no more a castle than Mickey is a real mouse.” —Colonist columnist Bill Thomas.

T.W. Paterson: How Nesbitt saved Craigdarroch castle

Those who think that the castle has always been there simply don’t know how close it came to being lost.

T.W. Paterson: Nanaimo’s Bastion was a unique museum

“Of course, none of the exhibits is for sale. We probably could sell the Bastion over and over again!” —custodian Frank Greenfield.

T.W. Paterson: Happy birthday, Canada. Now what?

History, Canadian history, is in the news these days. 2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday.

T.W. Paterson: B.C.’s confederation with Canada not easy

“Well, I may frankly tell you that I think British Columbia a glorious province — a province Canada should be proud to possess.”

T.W. Paterson: The ‘gentlemanly’ Capt. Hayes of Rona

It must have come as a shock to Victorians to learn that their charming visitor had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality.

T.W. Paterson: Clara Dick watched Vancouver Island grow

Ladysmith was another of the towns that she watched grow “from nothing along the shores of Vancouver Island”.

T.W. Paterson: Fabled ‘black nugget’ was 2016 newsmaker

Is the coal mining industry in B.C. on the way out — or on the way back?

T.W. Paterson: Bob Punnett’s strength most inspiring story

Well, another year about to bite the dust. Where do they go...?

Chronicles: Ingenuity brings Christmas to ‘Kreighieland’

For many Allied POWs in both world wars Red Cross parcels made all the difference between the success of Christmas behind barbed wire.