Here’s a great chance to expand your interests by taking university courses. (Submitted)

Here’s a great chance to expand your interests by taking university courses. (Submitted)

Enjoy the stimulation of attending university at low cost

At only $99 per course, plus yearly fees, you can go back to university at VIU

You can go back to university on your own terms for only $99 a course.

If you want to take a university course at Vancouver Island University, but don’t need the grade or the credit, you can take an academic course without the stress of exams or assignments.

Most VIU academic classes that are not full are available to students in the college’s Love of Learning program.

You will need to pay students’ union, student activity, and student services fees.

Students who are 65 years or older will have tuition and other fees waived except for the students’ union fee. (Students’ union fees for the 2016-17 year are $75.40 per semester and student activity and service fees total $8.33 per course.)

The Love of Learning program is open to all adults who have completed Grade 12 English or equivalent. Transcripts are not required to register, however you should take a look at the course prerequisites (found in the course description). These will give you an idea of how prepared you should be for the level of discussion within the classroom.

It’s a great opportunity to get back in the educational swing, VIU says.

There are four steps to register:

1. Fill out an application to VIU’s Love of Learning program and include the application fee. When your application has been processed you will be sent a student number in the mail.

2. View the current semester’s timetable to find courses that interest you that have available space.

3. Upon receipt of your confirmation of acceptance to the program, you will be given a date to register for courses.

4. Your course fees will be due two weeks after the start date of the semester. Fees will be calculated based on course enrolment as of this date. Note: some courses do not qualify for the reduced rate.