Family bringing some warmth to those in need

“These scarves and gloves are not lost. If you are cold and need them, please take.”

“These scarves and gloves are not lost. If you are cold and need them, please take,” says a little sign on warm winter wear hung at various places around Duncan.

It’s an idea that’s been making the rounds on social media and a local family has decided to give it a Cowichan twist.

“We saw it on Facebook and I said: ‘Why not do that here?’” said Trina Craven, when she dropped into the Citizen this week. “We want other people to do it, too.”

So Trina, Nicky and Breanna Craven and David Liddle set about their task on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

“Basically, we went to the Dollar Store and cleaned them out of scarves and mitts and tuques and those hot-pack warmer things. We put them in the gloves,” Trina said. “It’s good for people to have something warm to put on now that it’s getting cold at night.

Nicky chimed in, smiling, “We also went to Good Neighbours and cleaned them out, too.”

Next they began attaching the warm gear, with an explanatory note, on poles around the downtown core of Duncan.

“We put some by the homeless shelter, by the train station, by the food bank, behind the old Malaspina College by the bridge there, lots of places. We used a lot of bright colours so people would see them,” Trina said.

They only hope now that other Cowichan Valley folks will take up the challenge and help people where they live, too.