Gifts for green Christmas

Your tree isn’t the only thing that can be green this holiday season.

Your tree isn’t the only thing that can be green this holiday season. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has the perfect gift for the nature lover who already has four pairs of binoculars.

Gifts of Canadian Nature provides an opportunity for people to contribute to the conservation of wild areas across Canada by sponsoring five species: moose, grizzly bear, Canada lynx, gray wolf and great horned owl.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada offers symbolic gifts ranging from $40 to $500. A charitable tax receipt is available to each giver.

Great horned owl habitat: Currently a species of special concerns, its population has declined by close to 25 per cent in the last decade due to habitat loss and degradation.

Gray fox habitat: The only confirmed Canadian breeding site of this elusive animal has been recorded in Ontario. There are an estimated 12 to 15 pairs of gray foxes on the island.

Canada lynx habitat: These feline predators use large, paws to move easily over deep snow.

Grizzly bear habitat: Today the species occupies less than half of its historical North American range and is threatened by habitat loss and degradation.

Moose habitat: From Nova Scotia, where the species is endangered, to B.C.’s Flathead River Valley, NCC is protecting critical habitat for moose.

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