North of 50: Cobble Hill senior penned poem in 1936 at age 15

Poetry: The Silent of the Night, composed by Phil LeRoy

The Silent of the Night


The quiet of the wilderness is sometimes hard to bear.

It is a silence that only you and nature share.

You sleep on a bed of branches out in the open air

And by listening to the noises you can tell just what is there


For all of nature’s creatures are out there in the night.

Searching for food to appease their appetite.

The owl has started hunting, with big round eyes he will search

The ground for the slightest movement from his lofty perch


The cry of the nighthawk

And the zooming sound it brings

As it dives down from the sky

Catching insects in the web beneath its wings


The timber wolf has left his lair, you can’t see him but you know he is there

With silent paws that strike the ground he passes by without a sound

Like a shadow out of sight he fades into the silent of the night

You sleep in conscious slumber half asleep and half awake

Waiting for the morning for the dawn to break

And when the sun comes up, shining bold and bright

You know you have experienced the silent of the night


Phil LeRoy

Cobble Hill