Ordinary couple making extraordinary difference

Together We are Possibility: United Way Cowichan 2015 fundraising campaign

“Together, we are possibility” resonates with Fran and Gord Hillsden, a retired couple in the Cowichan Valley.

“Growing up our parents led by example, supporting and giving to community programs and groups that helped those less fortunate,” said Fran. “My father always gave to the Salvation Army because he said they were there for him during the war and in other disaster situations around the world. They gave to their churches and food banks and I always recall them talking about the Community Chest.” (The origin of United Ways)

Now that Fran and Gord are both retired and have the capacity to help out in our community it seems like the right thing to do, recalls Gord. “Our investments have done well and we can now invest back into our community.”

Fran volunteers a lot of her time in the food banks and thrift stores run by non-profits and witnesses daily the poverty in the Cowichan region. She sees that many people have difficulty meeting their basic costs and have little left for food or clothing. Giving at a leadership level to United Way Cowichan is simply the easiest way for the Hillsdens to make a difference in the Valley.

“We trust the United Way will only fund programs that are needed and get the biggest bang for our buck. We have confidence that with United Way’s longstanding reputation and stewardship we are investing in the health and well-being of the community in which we live.”

Together they are making a difference in the lives of so many in the Cowichan region. “I believe so strongly,” said Fran, “that every dollar invested in children in their early years saves thousands of dollars later in an individual’s life. It is a solution of prevention… United Way makes that happen.”

Gord and Fran encourage other retired couples to step up and support their community by donating at a leadership level to the Cowichan United Way.

As a result, many more children, teens and others less fortunate can be helped.

Please call the United Way office at 250-748-1312 or make a donation online: www.cowichanunitedway.com