Renowned marine biologist to present at Cowichan Naturalists Society meeting

Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe will share: ‘Discovering the Deep: Life in our Last Wilderness’

(Verena Tunnicliffe photo)

“Discovering the Deep: Life in our Last Wilderness” is the title of the presentation being offered at the next Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society meeting.

Renowned marine biologist Verena Tunnicliffe, Professor Emerita, Department of Biology and School of Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria will be on hand at the meeting (which starts at 9:30 a.m. April 4) to present her research.

“Humans derive huge benefits from the oceans, both shallow and deep. However, mounting pressures from humans are threatening the ability of that ocean to deliver such services,” Tunnicliffe said. “As exploration has expanded our access, the marvels of deep ocean ecosystems are revealed, just as exploration has opened horizons to exploitation. Seabed mining is one such venture offering promises for the ‘green revolution’ but also fundamental threats to biodiversity hotspots such as hydrothermal vents.”

Those hoping to see the presentation can email: for the Zoom link.

Tunnicliffe held a Canada Research Chair in Deep Ocean Research at UVic until her retirement in 2020. In December 2021, Dr. Tunnicliffe was named an officer of the Order of Canada “for her outstanding contributions to ocean sciences and for being a pioneer in the scientific exploration of the deep sea.”

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Verena Tunnicliffe – Professor Emerita, Dept of Biology and School of Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria

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