VIDEO: Lawless calls for a big cast for powerful play about the abuse of First Nations people

There are lots of different roles, including many for older actors. Why not try your hand?

Louie Lawless, a B.C. born actor/director/producer, is calling for actors for a powerful new play. (Submitted)

Louie Lawless, a B.C. born actor/director/producer, is calling for actors for a powerful new play. (Submitted)

Calling all actors!

Louis Lawless, A B.C. film actor, documentary director and Academy Award nominated producer, is calling for performers to take part in his production of the powerful play, The Doppelganger, by Kevin Annett, to be performed in September at the Duncan Showroom.

It is a courtroom drama based on the atrocities that First Nations people in B.C. have had to endure. Auditions are being held at the Duncan Showroom from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, July 10 and again on Tuesday, July 11.

Some local actors may have attended earlier readings, but that is not required to audition for this play.

All hopefuls should keep in mind that your age and physique may not have to exactly correspond to the description of the character, according to Lawless, who has decades of experience.

“If you are in the approximate area, we can fix the rest. If you are still in doubt, just ask,” he said.

The characters required include: Oliver Pierpoint, age 70, the accused, vaguely caucasian; Ruth Kirkland, mid-40s, caucasian, Oliver’s defence attorney; Laura Stanyer, a district court judge, mid-50s, caucasian; Robert Stonechild, Crown Prosecutor, age 40, Métis; Josh Bennett, age 29, caucasian, reporter; Gordon Goodwin, age 72, caucasian, witness; Hilda Jacobson, age 51, aboriginal, witness; Eileen Dawson, age 75, aboriginal, witness; Carol, age 30, caucasian, legal assistant; an aboriginal man in his 60s, survivor of residential school torture; a courtroom bailiff, male, 40s, caucasian; a courtroom recording clerk, female, 30s, caucasian; a clerk-assistant to judge Laura Stanyer, male, 30s, caucasian; a narrator and other narrating voices, both male and female.

Audition packages (sides) and a more extensive cast list are available upon request, just message Rien Vesseur on Facebook or email Lawless at

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