Lia Grainger dances to the music of her Fin de Fiesta colleagues. (Submitted)

Lia Grainger dances to the music of her Fin de Fiesta colleagues. (Submitted)

Flamenco magic returns to Duncan Showroom

A searing summer in the Cowichan Valley is about to get a lot hotter.

Flamenco ensemble Fin de Fiesta, comprised of award-winning artists from Canada, France and Italy, bring their spirited new production, Liandola to the Duncan Showroom on July 30.

Flamenco is the living music and dance of southern Spain, and members of Fin de Fiesta Flamenco aim to recapture that passion.

According to dancer and artistic director Lia Grainer, the group has walked the cobbled streets of Seville, the cradle of flamenco, “a jubilant, heart-wrenching musical art form.”

The production takes its name from a popular Andalucian figure of speech used to describe boisterously unrestrained behaviour, a playful fearlessness that cannot be contained.

Hear the voice of Alejandro Mendia (France) accompanied by the guitar of music director Dennis Duffin (Canada) and the flute of Lara Wong (Canada). David Sampaulo (Italy) holds down the rhythm on cahon.

Grainger (Canada), said last week that she simply “fell in love with flamenco, dropped everything, and headed to Spain.” The ensemble has been busy this year. Their debut self-titled album was released in November 2016 and accentuates the group’s unique composition and fusion of jazz elements with traditional flamenco, she said.

Catch them in a teaser show at The 39 Days of July’s MNP stage in Charles Hoey Park at 5 p.m. then come around after the belly dancing at the park for the full-on flamenco experience at the Showroom for $20 a ticket.