Ocean is an acrylic on canvas by the acclaimed Valley artist, Ice Bear. (Submitted)

Ocean is an acrylic on canvas by the acclaimed Valley artist, Ice Bear. (Submitted)

Ice Bear paintings showing at Chemainus Theatre gallery starting July 18

The artist’s visions of dreams and stories will come to life on the walls of the theatre gallery.

IceBear, an internationally shown and collected artist, who creates out of a studio in Duncan, will be presenting a show of his recent work at the Chemainus Theatre gallery.

Although his traditional, tribal home is Cape Croker, (Chippewas of Nawash) on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, he now calls Crofton home.

“Culture and lifestyle is very different here from where I began. But there is much that is similar, and I have found peace, friendship and inspiration in this new land,” he says when talking about what drives and inspires him.

“The elders of my people call me a dreamer, that is, one born to the task of transforming dreams, my own and others, into a visual reality. There was never a time when I decided to be an artist. It was not my choice to make; there has never been any other life path for me.”

In his work, he attempts “to find those things that cannot be found. First, one has to discover the question that needs asking, and from there, we seek an answer. The answer is frequently there, in the art, just waiting to be discovered.”

“Dreams of a Dreamer” is the name of his show, opening with a personal reception Friday, July 21 from 4-5 p.m. at the gallery, upstairs at the theatre. The show runs until Aug. 26.

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