Songwriter O’Rorke wins Duncan Has Talent

Sean-Rei O’Rorke topped the group with performances of her songs, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Conception’.

Judges/mentors Laura Cardriver and Mary Egan had a tough time Friday (July 15) trying to determine first, second and third place at the Duncan Has Talent competition, part of the ongoing festivities during The 39 Days of July at Charles Hoey Park.

What made it difficult was that the competition covered both original songwriting and instrumental players. And there were only three finalists.

Sean-Rei O’Rorke topped the group, however, with performances of her songs, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Conception’.

Tied for second were Naomi Davies and Maya Pintus.

The judges both said that the quality of the three performers meant they were all top drawer but that one had to be declared the winner.

Davies sang ‘Am I Awake or Unaware?’ and ‘Your New Enemy’ while Pintus, who played the fiddle, performed a medley of ‘Westphalian Waltz’ and ‘The Butterfly’ along with ‘Princess Buttercup’.

The next group of performers in Duncan Has Talent are competing this week in the cover tunes/show tunes category, with Cardriver and Cathy Schmidt as judges/mentors.

The final starts Friday at 5 p.m.