Unique show comes to Duncan

Swain and Chen offer a spritual experience

Sufey Chen and Oliver Swain are not your ordinary entertainment duo: they bring the vibe of “little hippie yogini meets the folk rockstar.”

Internationally celebrated for her playful spirit, wild creativity and joyful demeanour, Chen is a tiny firecracker that leads song circles, shamanic retreats and yoga teacher trainings in Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, China and Canada, opening the hearts of thousands across the world.

Oliver Swain has been a celebrated musician for years, held in high regard in acoustic and folk music styles for both his astonishing instrumental and vocal abilities, though he seldom gives the genre a fully traditional treatment. Oliver Swain strays towards the whimsical, the spiritual, and the socially conscious side of what he likes to refer to as “chamber folk odyssey”, and it’s these beguiling and provocative elements that make him unique as an artist and songwriter.

Chen says, “Music, sung with the pure utter devotion of a bhakti yogi, is the quickest way to realizing our ultimate oneness: the connected joy that lives within each and every one of us. The mantras that we chant tune us into each other, as we invoke the power of All who have chanted before us. These vibrations cleanse us, purify us, and bring us into deep ecstatic bliss — it’s the best kind of soul medicine that exists.”

The duo are playing on Thursday, March 30 from 7-9 p.m. at Valley Yoga. Tickets are $21 in advance or $31.50 at the door. Contact info@valleyyoga.ca to book ahead.