LETTER: Little Things We Can Do

‘First you learn to see it; the ignorant litter’

Little Things We Can Do

Why do we care?

First you learn to see it

The ignorant litter creeping into

Our picture of enjoying the outdoors

How does it get there?

Careless tossers

Multiply mindless consumption and waste

Garbage in garbage out

Harming life of all kinds

There is an antidote to anger

Direct your energy to collecting

Slow your gaze to see

Little things we can do

Pick a spot

Everything that doesn’t belong

Things of our making, broken and finished

Prepare to gather them

To be handled with care

Picture the landscape without debris

Unhurt by our waste

Belonging once more

to the living things

to the soil dwellers and foragers

to the little ones and bare toes

Wildlife less tempted

To feed on our throwaways

Water untainted, natural and free

All growing life nurtured once again

Able to thrive

Without our junk

Kim Barnard

Shawnigan Lake

Dedicated with Gratitude to our Litter Heroes and Sponsors of

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