LETTER: Not allowing MAID is not a ‘business decision’

‘People need a choice of places … where their own values are upheld’

Re: Too bad Hamlets opposes MAID (Citizen, May 7)

In what possible way is a care facility refusing to offer Medical Assistance In Dying in any way equivalent or comparable to ignoring the homeless, except in a severely misguided concept of “compassion”? Jesus wouldn’t ignore the homeless, but neither did he authorize nor command humanity to enable others to take their own lives, even on “compassionate” grounds. Trying to pin the decision not to allow MAID as a “business decision” to lower tenant turnover sounds like the most cynical galaxy-brained take I’ve ever seen.

Would the letter-writer criticize a care facility that is run by a Muslim or Jewish organization for refusing to serve meals that are made with pork to its residents, who don’t want pork anyway? With respect, people need a choice of places they can go and be cared for where their own values are upheld, and where they feel MAID won’t be pressured on them. If a person wishing for MAID somehow ends up at the Hamlets anyway knowing its values, and wants it that bad, the hospital is just a few minutes away; they can get it there.

The wishes of the majority are irrelevant when the majority wants something immoral to be implemented.

April J. Gibson


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