LETTER: Why does COVID-19 keep winning the war?

With vaccines being issued, why are cases increasing?

COVID-19 continues winning the war against the vaccine doses.


As of Jan. 27, 2021, total COVID cases for the day was 485.

Ongoing total active cases was 4,299.

Three-hundred and three people in hospital with 79 in ICU.

Ongoing total deaths was 1,178.

Total vaccines issued was 124,365.

Ninety days later on April 27, 2021, total day cases was 799. This is a 64.7 per cent increase from Jan. 27.

The ongoing active cases was 8,089. This is a 88.1 per cent increase from Jan. 27.

Five-hundred people in hospital with 164 in ICU. This is a 65 per cent increase from Jan. 27.

ICU is a increase of 107.5 per cent.

On going total deaths was 1,571. This is a increase of 33.3 per cent from Jan. 27.

Total vaccines issued was 1,671,128. This is a increase of over 5,000 per cent from Jan. 27, and 35.9 per cent of B.C.’s population.

These numbers prove that summer 2021 and Christmas 2021 are headed to be the same as last year.

People have to learn to stay home. If some people do not believe that we are in a pandemic, they definitely have to have their heads examined.

In summary, why with all of the vaccines being issued, why do COVID-19 cases keep on increasing?

Our health departments and politicians have not told us why.


Joe Sawchuk