Bring your treasures to the Roadshow

The Canadian Artiques Roadshow’s Vancouver Island tour is hoping to uncover the next million-dollar treasure during its stop at the Best Western Valley Inn in Duncan May 26-28, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

We never, never know what will come through the door at our antique roadshow events.

In Prince George a couple showed up with an old duffle bag but it was what was hidden inside that took our appraisers’ breath away: a Stradivarius violin made by a member of the Stradivari family during the golden period of 1770.

A Stradivarius dealer in New York City valued it at a cool million dollars. An offer was made for $800,000 and the violin is now in a personal collection in New York.

In PEI, a lady brought in a vase said to have belonged to Queen Anne of Scotland. However, the little tag on the bottom that read Made In China confirmed it was a $19 vase from Wal-Mart.

In Saskatoon an elderly gentleman came in with a child’s red wagon full of what he claimed were gold nuggets. Our gold appraiser quickly determined the rocks were just that but the wagon was built in 1918 by the Renaldo Brothers and was in excellent condition. The man was offered $700 but he declined, saying he would have no way to take home his gold rocks.

To help people sell their gold and silver jewelry and coins, we’ve brought in Global Gold, Canada’s leading gold and silver buyer.

People usually have a few hundred dollars coming to them from the sale of their gold or silver items but show organizers in Brandon were shocked when a man walked in with a dolly loaded with three cardboard boxes full of gold and silver coins.

Mike Scotsman, the current owner’s grandfather, had found most of the coins while working for 33 years at the Brandon municipal dump.

He’d come home each day and put a few coins in a glass jar.

He’d tell family members that someday they’d all be rich, and then he’d break into a big belly laugh.

Among the 102 pounds of coins, appraisers discovered 21 U.S. silver dollars that had a rare mint mark from the San Francisco Mint. These alone are worth $800 apiece. Mike was right when he said someday the family members would be rich, so bring in your coins and gold jewelry and Global Gold will pay you cash on the spot.

The appraisals of antiques and treasures cost $15 per item or three items for $40, with proceeds benefiting local food banks.

If you can’t make the Duncan Roadshow, other tour dates include the Holiday Inn in Courtenay May 15-17, and the Anchors Inn in Campbell River May 19-21.