Cowichan Valley Basket Society vital to feed families

Cowichan Valley Basket Society is a strong partner with United Way Cowichan. United Way provides monthly funding to help purchase items that are generally not donated, items like cheese, peanut butter, milk and other items rich in protein.

Josie and Rick are First Nations parents of eight well-behaved children. Josie believes her job is being a good mom, and has raised her kids to look after each other. They are frugal with their income, but always ensure they put food on the table as their first priority. When they come for lunch at the Cowichan Valley Basket Society, the older ones help the younger ones, and the younger ones share smiles with everyone they see.

Josie uses the hamper program once a month, and selects veggies and fruit that are in season. The food bank has become their extended family, and staff ensure the kids all have good food for their lunches.

Rick is a hard worker and volunteers as a soccer coach, which makes a big difference not only in his boys’ lives, but also in the lives of many other young children. All the kids are all involved in sports.

Josie never expects more than anyone else, and is always so grateful. For the past two years, Josie and her family have been matched with a local family who provide Christmas gifts and food. Never do they ask, or take anything they get for granted, which is a big reason why this family is so special.

Many Cowichan families struggle to buy food that is nutritious, and can only afford groceries that are high in starches, sugar and simple carbs.

Your donation to United Way will help us increase the amount of funding we are able to give families like Josie and Rick. Call 250-748-1312 today to make your donation.