Elvis still draws a big crowd

Elvis is alive! He performed onstage at the Cowichan Theatre recently. Three times.

Impresario Les Vogt, of Legends of Rock’n’Roll fame, brought his blockbuster show – Elvis, Elvis, Elvis: An American Trilogy – to Duncan at the end of March and a huge crowd packed the big venue ready for a good time.

They got what they came for.

Brandon Bennett as the young Mr. Swivel Hips, Ted Torres as the leather-clad heart-throb of the 1960s and especially Chris Connor from Manchester, England, in the signature 1970s white jump suit, really delivered the

King in all his glory.

From early numbers like Hound Dog right up to the finale of Suspicious Minds, each one of the trio had the audience in the palm of his hand.

The event offered all the glitz of a Las Vegas show.

As is always the case with really successful tribute acts, the quality runs right through the cast and that was doubly true Saturday.

The Memphis Beats Band, the Uptown Hornz and the TCB Singers may have been in the background but their contributions were stellar.

All we heard in the audience afterwards was: when are they coming back?