Hanna Seinen wins Walden scholarship

Hanna Seinen will receive the fifth annual David Walden memorial scholarship Friday, May 1 at the Duncan United Church as the Cowichan Valley Music Teachers’ Association holds its yearly Pianofest.

Seinen will also perform a short concert of classical songs, so, if you enjoyed her performance in Pirates of Penzance or missed it and would like to hear her, this is a great chance.

Each year young people pursuing post-secondary studies in music compete for the $650 bursary. Past winners of the scholarship are Myles Anderson, piano, 2011, Talietha Sangha, musical theatre, 2012, Ben Hillier, piano, 2013, and Zander Felton, classical voice, 2014.

Pianofest itself is a feast for the ears that carries on through morning and afternoon sessions Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2. All events are free.

David Walden’s stay in Cowichan covered only three years, but his impact was enormous. A respected music educator, he was also a composer of hundreds of hymns, children’s songs, choral works and musicals.

He was also an actor, featured as Dr. Miredo on the Mr. Dress-Up TV show, and in stage productions including Cats and Les Misérables.

He became an active member of the CVMTA shortly after arriving in the Valley, and members enjoyed the benefit of his enormous experience, talent, humour and overall warm and loving nature.