Illustrated bible a work of art

On Friday March 28, three volumes of the Heritage edition of the hand-scripted and illustrated Saint John’s Bible were on display for the students and public at St. Joseph’s School in Cowichan. Students and member of the public get an close-up and personal view of the bright modern art, the script and even errors made and corrected by the scribes.

Bishop Emeritus Remi de Roo of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria has taken on the task of bringing a copy of this seven-volume work of modern sacred art to the West Coast. The original tomes were made using traditional materials such as vellum (calfskin), ancient inks, gold and silver leaf and platinum, and were written with quill pens fashioned from goose, turkey and swan feathers.

The West Coast copy of this, the first hand-scripted and illustrated Bible in 500 years will be in safe keeping at the University of Victoria. Friends of Bishop Remi and others who value this treasure, are supporting the acquisition of this extraordinary piece of art for future generations.