It takes practice to be ready to save a life

If they’re lost, find them!

Sounds so easy to the rest of us, but to members of Cowichan Search and Rescue, a search requires enthusiasm, fitness, determination and the tools and experience that can only come with on-the-spot training.

It also took imagination last Saturday to turn beautiful Bright Angel Park into possible settings for searchers, particularly for the river rescue exercises.

Teams were involved in using the GPS coordinates to locate their search areas, marking off grids to search for specific evidence – while avoiding a wasp’s nest in an old stump, following a trail and even working out how best to rescue a person that has caught his foot in a raging river (See photo at right). What it showed to the casual observer was that, on the last weekend of summer, with school starting in two days, a large group of dedicated Valley folks took the time to train so they can help keep us all safe.