Learn to communicate during Bike to Work Week

Organizers of this year’s Bike To Work Week are promoting communication for all road users, cyclists and motorists alike, in their plans to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

"It’s not just about riders on the right and not on the sidewalk. Acting in a predictable manner and communicating with other road users helps everyone feel comfortable," said Alex Haddad from Cycle Cowichan.

"Hand signals, eye contact and knowing the rules of the road are key to safe and enjoyable riding," he added.

This year’s event takes place May 26-30 featuring the now familiar Monday-Friday Celebration Stations, prizes for riders and live music and carrot cake at the Friday afternoon wrap-up party. Details can be found on Cowichan’s page of the Bike To Work website: www.biketowork.ca Registered riders are eligible for $1,500 in gift cards at the bike shops.

Rider registration and event information can be found at: www.biketowork. ca