Take a work break and get Lunch in the Park

Want to make the 39 Days part of your daily routine?

Why not join the crowd for Lunch in the Park? Starting at noon, and continuing for an hour or so every day, downtown folks can enjoy entertainment with their al fresco lunch at Charles Hoey Park.

Summer festival president and artistic director Longevity John Falkner boasts that there are 75 slots for entertainers over the 39 days of the festival.

“We encourage you to order your favourite foods to go from our many downtown eateries and join us for a noon hour musical series where we present some of the many local singer/songwriters whom you might see during the rest of the year at various local eateries and pubs plying their music,” he said.

These musical mainstays are enthusiastic about the Lunch in the Park idea.

“Without their commitment to this project, we couldn’t exist. They perform many of their originals with many a good, recognizable cover tune thrown in as well and we are sure you will enjoy their many varied scheduled performances. We do suggest you buy their CDs and such to help support their musical endeavours,” Falkner said, adding that hearing this great local talent may inspire you to hire them for your own events.

Who’s on the lunch-time menu?

Andrea Smith, Beverley McKeen, Cara McCandless, Cheryl Baudin and Chey Peterson, Chuck McCandless, Dennis Atkins, Don Wilke, Genevieve Charbonneau, Glaucia Desrochers, Greg Madill, Homeless Harold Anderson, Hope King and Scott Magill, Martyn Jones, Marty and JJ, MoonRiders, Naomi Payan, Paul Ruszel, Ron Ingram, Scott Magill, Shorty and Co., Steve McKinnon, Sweet Potato Brown, Tai and Anna Williams, Theda Phoenix and as special out-of-town guests, there are also Emma Plant and Tannis Slimmon.