Terrifying attack has Dianne lacing up

In 2003 Dianne Mack was feeling ill with the flu, or what she thought was the flu. As the weeks went by her condition became worse and her health started to deteriorate at rapid speed. She ended up in the hospital, paralyzed, experienced double vision and was unable to speak.

The doctors ran many tests and eventually diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis. She had to learn how to walk again with the help of a physiotherapist and learn how to talk again with the help of a speech therapist. Dianne says it was a terrifying experience but was able to get through it with the support of her family and friends.

Today Dianne is much better and is able to work a part-time job.

She has recovered from her attack in 2003 but her MS is still present. She stays positive and says it’s very important for her to be surrounded by positive people.

She laces up for the 2014 Scotiabank MS Duncan Walk to find a cure for MS and to try to prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else.

Dianne also says the walk is uplifting and keeps her motivated to walk every year. Her team name is DM for MS and over the years her team has raised thousands of dollars. If you would like to make an online donation to Dianne’s team please go to www.mswalks.ca and search "DM for MS".

For more information or to register go to www.mswalks.ca or call the local MS Society office at 250-748-7010.