Tie tops category as Duncan dancers face off [video]

Duncan’s Got Talent took to the CUPE stage for the first time last week, offering dancers the chance to strut their stuff for judges/mentors Laura Cardriver and Cathy Schmidt and an appreciative audience.

In first place were belly dancer Daisy Hieland and hip hopper Vance Driver, in second place was lyric ballet dancer Tamara MacGrecho, and in third was hip hop dancer Carlow Rush. Schmidt urged Rush to look into acting as well as dancing. She said MacGrecho had shown grit in including a solo she had learned that very morning.

Driver has won this competition before and, since the judges knew his moves well, "we were expecting to see your "A" game and you brought it," Schmidt told him.

As for Hieland’s performance, both Cardriver and Schmidt said they were thrilled to see another aspect of dancing brought to the competition.

This week, Duncan’s Got Talent is moving to the world of instrumental musicians and singer/songwriters and next week the stage opens up for singers of covers and show tunes.