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Storm, Crew winners on Mother’s Day in Cowichan Women’s Football League

Crew keeps proving they’re league champions for a reason
Members of the Ravens swarm a Cougars receiver during Mother’s Day action at McAdam Park. (Chris Mann photo)

The Crew keeps proving they’re league champions for a reason. The squad left little doubt that they are the best team on Friday night as they corralled the Wild in a game that despite a lopsided score, still had a lot of great plays for both teams.

Rhi Kemmler and Piper Bilina had an exceptional night for the Wild as did Kaili Lukan and Sarah Kaljuvee for the Crew.

That was just one of two Friday night games, with the other featuring the Ravens and the Storm with the Storm coming out on top of a 19-0 score.

“It was exciting from start to finish with lots of up and down the field action,” said the CWFL’s Chris Mann, noting some epic punts and throws.

Rachel Paddle and Annie Zurstrom got the nod for outstanding play for the Storm while Nikita Kitagawa and Kelsey Diab held the Ravens in the game.

On Mother’s Day, the Crew made quick work of the Ruckers and while the Ruckers put up a valiant effort, it was not their day.

The other game was a closer contest as the Storm matched wits with the Wild.

“Angela Richards and Melissa Cameron were outstanding for Storm,” said Mann. “The Wild got a big push from Teresa Melchior and Val Chambers and tied the game but a last-minute push by the Storm gave them the 18-12 win.”

The final game had the Cougars and Ravens matched up. Both teams had personal problems on the day but it was an exciting game to watch, until the second half when a couple of injuries caused the Cougars to call a forfeit and end the game giving the Ravens a 25-o win.

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