Bob Day

Bob Day

Making government more accessible a priority for Lake Cowichan mayoral candidate Bob Day

Long-time councillor will run against incumbent Ross Forrest and Rod Peters

Long-time councillor Bob Day is running for mayor of Lake Cowichan in next month’s municipal elections.

Day, who has been a Lake Cowichan councillor for 10 years, will campaign against incumbent mayor Ross Forrest and Rod Peters for the mayor’s position.

Day said he feels he has a lot to offer Lake Cowichan residents as mayor.

“I have a lot of experience at another level of government representing Lake Cowichan as its director (and vice-chairman) on the Cowichan Valley Regional District for a number of years,” Day said.

“I believe that I can build a vision for the future for all the town’s residents.”

Day said that one of his first priorities if elected mayor would be to better connect town council members with the community.

He said few residents of the town attend council meetings and many are sometimes surprised by the decisions that are made there that impact them.

“Council members need to get back out into the community and be more involved so they can understand the wants and needs out there,” Day said.

“We need to work together to make local government more friendly and accessible.”

Day said he would prioritize a number of capital projects if elected mayor, including ensuring that more residents and businesses are receiving sewage services from the town.

“The town is at the point where we now have a lot of people looking around for development opportunities, and we’ve got to be ready for this,” he said.

“I would also work towards finally finishing off the Centennial Park project, and look into the town hall project as well.”

Day said the major upgrades planned for town hall are estimated to cost $3 million.

He said the town already has $1 million in reserves for that purpose, and he would like to see just how much work can be done with that amount.


“Our town hall just needs to be practical,” Day said. “One of my biggest priorities would be to see that a senior care facility is built in the community. It’s one of the most important things for the town right now.”

As well, Day said he will work towards enhancing public access to Cowichan Lake.

He said he would improve signage along the lake, improve the quality of the beach, and have more amenities there.

“The development of more biking and hiking trails is also important to me, as well as building more dog parks,” Day said.

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