Nick Caumanns

Nick Caumanns

Nick Caumanns looks for seat on North Cowichan council

I’m running for office because I love the Cowichan Valley.

Nick Caumanns is running for a seat on North Cowichan council.

People ask what made me run. Nothing MADE me run in this election. That’s perhaps the entire point.

I’m running for office because I love the Cowichan Valley. I live in North Cowichan and so that’s the right place for me pitch in to preserve, protect, and enhance. I grew up here playing in the forests, fishing the streams, and want that same kind of experience for everyone who chooses to make this their home. My business experience tells me there are solutions waiting if we have open minds and want to find them, over wanting just our own result. My life experience tells me that people with fair hearts will listen if you listen to them. That’s what I want to do.

I’ve worked with and led people in organizations large and small, 120,000 employees to five employees, for over 30 years. I’ve learned how bureaucracies work, how things get done, and how things get stalled. I’ve learned the benefits of experience and the quicksand of entrenched thinking. My experience spans engineering, construction, regulated utilities, and multinational energy companies. I’ve worked with trades, with lawyers, with executives and from the shop floor to the boardroom, I bring my strong record of getting things done with the necessary diplomacy, salesmanship, innovation, and determination demanded.

Like the other candidates, I’m volunteering to spend sometimes long hours in sometimes very boring meetings for very little pay because I think I can contribute. Contribute to what? Most of us believe that we have skills, knowledge, perspective, or some other useful thing to bring to the table. Are we “smarter” than anyone else? Of course not! But we are willing, able, and have the time to put in the effort to make our communities function and reflect the needs of us all as citizens.

Contact info:,, 604-961-8707.