$2.5 million wasted by Conservatives on nonexistent program

Cowichan Bay – I am not opposed to paying taxes when the money is spent wisely to offer much-needed services to Canadians, but wasting $2.5 million of taxpayers’ money by the Conservative government on a program that doesn’t exist is contemptible.

What I am referring to is the job grants program as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. While there were plans for this program and talks with the provinces it never came to fruition (ie: it doesn’t exist)! So why did the Conservative government even start running these ads on TV – let alone continue for many months? Was it an underhanded way of pushing the Conservative dogma at no expense to the party as they used our hard earned tax dollars? So where is this program now? GONE! Where are our $2.5 million tax dollars? GONE! Where would the prime minister be if he was the president of a company in the private sector and spent $2.5 million dollars advertising something that doesn’t exist? GONE! To quote well-known Canadian Rick Mercer: “The only reason a government would advertise a program that does not exist is because they believed people were too stupid to tell the difference or too beaten to care and if we don’t get angry about this one they would be right.”

Let’s not let yet another devious Conservative exploit go unnoticed.

Ruth Morden

Cowichan Bay