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Air tankers play key role in northwest B.C. out of control wildfire

Air tankers dropped retardant on a wildfire northeast of Terrace to slow its growth
Steep terrain is proving a challenge for crews at the Little Oliver Creek northeast of Terrace on July 9, 2024.

Air tankers dropped retardant on a wildfire northeast of Terrace this morning between its southwest flank and Hwy 16 to slow its growth and push it into the alpine.

Now listed at 105 hectares, the Little Oliver Creek fire, first reported the afternoon of July 8 is listed as out of control and as a wildfire of note by the B.C. Wildfire Service.

"A wildfire will retain a status of out of control, until the incident commander is satisfied that the wildfire will not spread beyond the current or predetermined boundaries under the existing and forecasted conditions," said B.C. Wildfire Service information officer Morgan Blois.

Its status as a wildfire of note is because it is very visible from the highway.

As of the afternoon of July 9, there were 15 personnel at the scene and a helicopter.

Blois described the terrain as steep and challenging for ground crews.

"At this time there is no immediate threat to structures within the vicinity of this fire. The prolonged drought in the area combined with the unseasonable hot weather are contributing factors to the growth and visibility of this wildfire," she said.

Heavy equipment is being used to build fire guards where access permits.




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