All of Cowichan Valley is getting dumped on

Cobble Hill – Not only a front page story, complete with photos, but even a tsk tsk editorial… can anyone be surprised that this is going on? After all, our provincial government has decided that we are nothing more than a convenient dumping ground – take a look at Shawnigan Lake, for instance, or there’s the threat of a fullfledged incineration facility at Duke Point, and the Fisher Road facility in Cobble Hill wants to increase its consumption of garbage (or “recycling” if you prefer).

Is it any wonder that certain elements of the citizenry feel that it’s okay to litter? Because let’s face it, everyone is doing it, and our so-called representatives in the Leg could care less.

Like it or not, the entirety of Cowichan, and the rest of the Island, better get used to being “dumped” on. Even the business community, those stalwart supporters of the provincial Liberals, are up in arms over still another long, hot season of delays on the Malahat at the worst possible time, courtesy of those who we didn’t vote for, and, consequently those who refuse to hear us when we don’t like what they are serving up. After all, all those trucks need a good safe highway to transport all that grunge.

Yes it sucks that anyone would do what this reprobate has done to the farmer’s field, but whoever it is has one heck of an example, courtesy of our elected government, to live up to.

Wendi Galczik

Cobble Hill