Area E wants something for nothing

North Cowichan – Area E Director [Loren Duncan] has decided to back off an earlier commitment to have a referendum to eliminate the twotier fee structure for his area. Therefore, Mayor Lefebure of North Cowichan must reinstate the two-tier system for Area E residents if they want to use the Aquatic Centre.

The $23,000 that Duncan is offering is not sufficient; North Cowichan can collect more than that from Area E residents with higher user fees.

Why should North Cowichan taxpayers subsidize Area E by bearing a higher tax load? This is just another example of Area E residents wanting a high level of service but not willing to pay their fair share. If North Cowichan council tries to pass this cost on to me, none of them will be getting my vote in November.

Don Swiatlowski

North Cowichan