Artificial turf is electioneering

North Cowichan – The gas tax can be used for many things, including things we are currently paying taxes for.

The categories include local roads, bridges, highways, shortsea shipping, short-line rail, regional and local airports, broadband connectivity, public transit, drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, community energy systems, brownfield redevelopment, sport infrastructure, recreation infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, and disaster mitigation.

I’d be willing to bet that we are spending tax money in one of these categories that could have been offset by the artificial turf decision.

We must be building a road, or adding to recycling, or public transit, or something on that list. And if so, we’ll now pay tax there what could have been avoided.

This was an election year pork barrel spending project that the council and mayor unanimously supported.

They decided to spend $1.1 million here that we have been, are being, or will be taxed for elsewhere.

To suggest otherwise, as their point-man does, is disingenuous at best. It is nothing more than taxation by displacement in the amount of about four per cent. Which pocket the money comes from makes no difference.

I wish, though, that they would at least be honest about the motives here. It’s electioneering, about trying to get re-elected, or about being popular.

Problem is, ultimately they are using our money to do it. I’m not falling for it anymore.

Nick Caumanns

North Cowichan