‘Bag Bombers’ make a mess of our environment

Duncan – In the these harsh times of political unrest, murder, climate change and dumping toxic waste, the people in the Cowichan Valley are privileged to have a wonderful trail system where they can get outside, away from the hubbub of every day life and the bad news of the world on TV and other media.

The sense of peace along trails passing farmlands, shady woodlands and sparkling rivers is priceless. One can watch birds, run, cycle, ride horses, take photos, find mushrooms, enjoy sunsets, walk the dog and arrive home relaxed and peaceful, thanks to trails created by the B.C. government, the CVRD and the District of North Cowichan.

Since moving to Duncan three years ago, I have noticed an increase of “blue-or-greenbagged” dog droppings dangling high in trees or bushes alongside many trails. Sadly, some uncaring dog owners degrade the beauty of nature by chucking their bags of dog droppings away, presumably so they don’t have to carry them.

Who in their right mind would take the time and effort to have litter bags available, in order to, uck, pick up Poochie’s warm and fragrant former dinner, and then toss the disgusting mess into the ecosystem? Why not find a garbage can somewhere on the way home, or, like responsible dog owners, take it home? Bags like these can be found lodged in the trailside greenery everywhere, mostly out of reach high up or beyond thickets of thorny brambles. Unbelievably even along the raised walkway at Somenos Marsh Outdoor Classroom/IBA (Important Bird Area) there is a droopy bag dangling way out of the reach of nature-loving good Samaritans who might be out cleaning up the neighbourhood.

What is the answer? All I can come up with is that this letter and others like it will spark municipalities who are proud of their natural beauty into installing disposal units for all kinds of trail litter. Of course, they’d have to be strategically placed far enough from main roads in order to stop garbage dumpers, another selfish bunch of polluters…

In a perfect world, any “Bag Bombers” who read this letter will become born-again environmentalists. A huge thank-you to everyone who loves and uses our trails, taking only pictures and leaving only footprints.

Kathryn Swan