Business must back public education

Duncan – Christy Clark believes the public sector can’t create wealth, but has failed to realize that the government does have the power to destroy wealth.

And destroy wealth is exactly what her shameful approach to public education is doing for B.C., and for that we will all suffer greatly over the long run. It is clear that Ms. Clark is pursuing an agenda for a select few, while burdening youth, families, and business with immense costs and uncertainty.

Her tactics during bargaining have served to gut any confidence in the public system. She has gone as far as to intentionally provoke teachers to precipitate a strike, and in the process violate teachers’ constitutional rights.

What lessons are B.C. youth learning from such tactics, and what attitudes will they carry forward as adults as a result? Who gains from such an approach? I fail to see how free enterprise will benefit from having a disillusioned, less educated workforce in the future.

I fail to see how free enterprise will benefit from depressed demand that will be associated from less productive, and therefore lower income, consumers. I fail to see how free enterprise will benefit from further entrenching inequality by undermining

public education. It is clear the failed policies of the BC Liberals are preventing free enterprise from innovating, competing, and generating wealth for our province. It is high time that the B.C. business community stepped into the “leadership zone” and demand a stable, fully funded public education system that will facilitate the growth of the wealth-generating private sector.

Our political system is failing us, and I look to the business community for leadership. Silence on their part will speak volumes of where our collective futures are headed.

Chris Crowther