Business notes: Butler takes ‘right opportunity’ Duncan RC shop

Malcolm Butler had his life-long dream come true when he took over ownership of the Duncan RC Hobby Shop, located at 277 Government St.

Malcolm Butler had his life-long dream come true when he took over ownership of the Duncan RC Hobby Shop, located at 277 Government St., on Feb. 1.

The retired naval logistics officer with the Royal Canadian Navy said he has been looking for a good business opportunity to come along for some time, and he jumped at the chance when the hobby shop went up for sale.

He said he believes the Duncan RC Hobby Shop is the “right opportunity in the right place”.

“Hobbies are a lot of fun and people are passionate about them,” he said while rearranging the store to his tastes last week.

“I’ve spent most of my working life pushing papers around on a desk, and now I’m looking forward to working at something that I can have fun with at the same time.”

Something Celtic closing doors, owner moving to Ontario

Duncan’s “Something Celtic” store will be closing its doors for the final time on Saturday, March 18.

Owner Maura Whalen said she has decided to relocate the business, which has been operating out of the Magnolia fashion store on Jubilee Street, to Ontario.

Something Celtic specializes in imported Celtic jewelry and giftware, as well as wool sweaters, which come from Ireland.

Whalen said she is not taking her decision to relocate her business to Ontario lightly, and it’s mainly the result of her wanting to be close to family and friends.

But she said her products will still be available to local customers online.

“I alternate between going to Toronto to see my kids and home to Ireland to visit with the rest of my family, and with no family ties here in B.C., I have wondered more and more why I remain so far away from all of them,” Whalen said.

Whalen said her closing out sale started on Feb. 11.

Lori Johansen honoured by Mr. Mike’s for Deeds Well Done

Duncan’s Lori Johansen will receive $500 from Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse as part of the restaurant chain’s fourth annual “Deeds Well Done” community program.

Johansen has decided to donate her prize to the Cowichan Valley Basket Society, which helps deal with hunger issues in the area.

Johansen was nominated to be the recipient of the prize by fellow community members for her good deeds.

A nominated “good-deed doer” was selected from each of the 32 communities across Western Canada that have a Mr. Mike’s franchise, with each receiving $500 to donate to a local registered charity of their choice.

Johansen will also receive a $100 gift card from Mr. Mike’s.

“For us, it’s about giving back to the communities where we live and work,” said Mr. Mike’s spokesman Mike Cordoba.