Christmas at the Cowichan District Hospital made wonderfully festive

North Cowichan – I wish to offer a very large thank you to every one at the Cowichan District Hospital who planned and participated in the makings of a true Christmas Day for the patients. Apparently and sadly the hospital had more beds than usual occupied at Christmas this year, but that did not prevent a festive mood from prevailing.

While visiting our mother on the 25th of December around noon, I could hear carolling in the distance. Poking my nose out of her room and glancing down the hall, I could see quite a large, strolling congregation.

And eventually in they came, as many as the room could fit, with bagpipes and a violin in tow – physicians and their families – smiling, playing music and singing carols, and providing a trolley of festive treats.

According to Jane Balfour, head of volunteer services, the CDH Auxiliary provided every patient in hospital with lovely little tray favours that morning, and for those without family close at hand (I believe 26 patients), a wrapped gift was also presented on Christmas Eve by members of the CDH Auxiliary.

My sincere thanks go out to Drs. Leckie, Nielsen, Eberhard and Anderson and their families for taking time out of their day to help brighten the day of others too unwell to enjoy the festivities, traditions and warmth of family and friends during the holiday season. And a huge thank you to the volunteers of the Cowichan District Hospital Auxiliary for their thoughtful planning and presentation of gifts.

Our mother is receiving tremendous care and we are most grateful to all of the staff at CDH who appear to work tirelessly in providing comfort and the finest of care to all patients.

As someone at the hospital said to me the other day, we truly do have a Great Little Hospital.

Janet Barclay

North Cowichan