City of Duncan gets 8 out of 10 from residents

Residents of Duncan believe their quality of life has improved since 2014, but only by a little

Residents of Duncan believe their quality of life has improved since 2014, but only by a little, according to the city’s second Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

The 400 respondents surveyed gave the quality of life in the city an eight out of 10, while it was 7.9 in the last satisfaction survey conducted in 2014.

Discovery Research conducted a telephone survey of 400 random households during September and October.

Working on behalf of the city, the research company was seeking feedback on a variety of issues, including satisfaction with city services, identifying where residents want the city’s spending priorities to be, and Duncan’s customer services.

Overall, 79 per cent of the survey’s respondents said they were either very or somewhat satisfied with the services and programs provided by the city, while 22 per cent were neutral on the issue or dissatisfied.

Asked what aspects of the city are better than five years ago, 22 per cent said city services, entertainment and recreational opportunities and facilities.

As to what is worse than five years ago, 36 per cent said crime, safety and homelessness, and 27 per cent said traffic.

Asked what is the most important environmental concern for the city, 35 per cent said the water supply, 21 per cent air quality and eight per cent said there are too many cars.

In 2014, just eight per cent said the water supply was their most important environmental concern, and 15 per cent said there were too many cars.

Mayor Phil Kent said the information from the survey will be used to help council understand the needs and perceptions of Duncan’s citizens and to identify where opportunities for improvement in the city exist.

“Customer service is key for the city, and council wants to ensure the thoughts and opinions of the residents are reflected in the programs and services we provide,” he said.