Cleaning up ‘Nature’s great big oil spill’

Duncan – Re: Harper avoids public (letters, Jan. 15) So, we should get rid of Harper, Mr. Nix? The Mill Bay area? Votes NDP. The riding Peter Nix lives in, in Maple Bay? Votes NDP.

Except for instances of Reform, they’ve never NOT been NDP in the last few decades.

Even if everybody voted to get rid of Harper in those two ridings, so to speak, what would it change? Absolutely nothing. It would still be NDP, and thus be no closer to getting rid of Harper than before.

Mining the oilsands ruins the earth? Well, guess what? They were “ruining the earth” centuries before anyone thought to dig them up and get oil out of them.

First Nations in the area caulked their canoes with it! It’s like Nature’s great big oil spill, that the oil companies are cleaning up.

Here’s a question I’d like to ask Peter Nix: either way, we need oil.

It’s vital to our survival, despite the scaremongering.

Would he rather have more ethical Canadian oil; or less ethical oil from say, Saudi Arabia, which forbids religious freedom and engages in severe oppression of women, who cannot drive or even leave their own houses without being completely covered head to toe while with a male relative as escort? If his answer is neither, would he rather choose between heating his home, and eating food, as “green energy” initiatives in Britain have forced middle class families to do?

April J. Gibson