Conservatives will lead to ‘economic ashes’

Maple Bay – The letters to the editor section in Wednesday’s Citizen was rather depressing.

Crystal Sackett likes invasive broom, despite the crowding out of our native species caused by that pestilential plant.

Pat Mulcahy does not seem to understand that some people might make an uneconomic decision to install solar panels just because they want to do their bit against climate change.

Worst of all was Martin Barker’s long electioneering letter about the oil industry and CO2. This letter is a selective presentation of the facts. Canada has in fact done quite poorly in CO2 emission reduction compared to most other developed economies.

It is true that we are heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry in Canada, but it is a great exaggeration to say that the Green Party or the NDP would shut down this sector of our economy.

Mr. Barker does not mention the risk and uncertainty of the continuing rise in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Does he not care about the world we will leave to our grandchildren? Isn’t it clear to him that big changes in our carbon lifestyle will be needed if atmospheric CO2 is to be held to levels that will not cause disastrous climate change?

I believe it is the lack of vision and conviction of the Conservative Party that will lead to “economic ashes”, not the modest proposals we have seen so far from the three main opposition parties.

Paul Gowland

Maple Bay