Cost control not on North Cowichan agenda

North Cowichan – During the 2015 tax budget process, everyone talked a good line about holding down spending and taxes. Most of the present council campaigned on that theme. However, Mayor Lefebure and his CAO, David Devana, are not listening to themselves or to their constituents.

In this environment of trying to contain costs, they invited the recently hired, part time communications manager, who just recently resigned, to do a presentation to council about not only making the position full time but creating a whole new bureaucratic department with even more staffing.

The mayor and the CAO just do not get it. This is a job we clearly do not need and should not fill. The communications manager position adds zero value to the lives of everyday citizens in North Cowichan.

The job of senior management and the mayor is to present the issues to the public in a meaningful way.

The communication manager will only clog up that process because no communication can be done without the blessing of the mayor and CAO anyway. The mayor and the CAO are bureaucratic empire builders and wasting our money; they should both resign.

Don Swiatlowski

North Cowichan