Coun. Marsh proud to represent N. Cow voters

North Cowichan’s Kate Marsh is trying for re-election to the council chamber.

She describes her platform as "basically the same is it was the first time around" and she has said both publicly and privately that she believes "voters in North Cowichan were pretty well represented around the table this last term, and that is when I feel the best decisions get made."

So what does Marsh look back on with satisfaction?

She has quite a list including institution of a weekly report entitled "Council Matters" and a public input period at the beginning of every council meeting to keep the public in the loop.

Marsh also points to successful conclusion of the long-running Echo Heights dispute, and significant meetings with Cowichan Tribes and the City of Duncan as real pluses for the future.

Replacement of the Chemainus River bridge, renovation of the municipal hall, extensive flood protection and water works are also on list of accomplishments Marsh is proud of. There’s been plenty of work done to try to boost the economy, too, she said.

"We are no longer overly reliant on one business, who in the competitive pulp and paper market and the changing economic climate could be gone anytime in the future, taking jobs and spin off jobs and taxes with it," she said.

Marsh is also proud of the award winning climate action and energy plan.

"We stand out as one of the only municipalities that has .5 per cent of overall taxes dedicated to addressing and mitigating climate change and the rising cost of energy. In the long run, the plan will also help reduce the municipality’s energy costs and is projected to create over 600 non-municipal jobs by 2050," she said.