Cowichan driver shaken by birthday rollover

Amanda Hunter was driving down Indian Road about 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 15.

It was her birthday and it’ll be a day she won’t soon forget.

"I was coming back from my last job of the day. The guy that I work with was just ahead of me in the van. I was driving the pickup truck.

"I was already going pretty slow and I came around the bend of the first corner, but when I started turning to the left my truck just had nothing under it. I slid right into the barrier.

"I remember thinking to myself: ‘Oh my God, I’m going to crush the front corner of the truck.’ Then I started to tip over and I realized this would be worse than that."

The truck slipped all the way across the road.

"It rolled and spun around into the ditch on the opposite side, kind of back on the wheels and on the driver’s door.

"When I realized I was going over I put my arm over my head and held on. I’m one of those people who always has my seatbelt on. My seatbelt held, luckily," Hunter said.

"When I stopped, it took me a few seconds. All I could think of was those movies where those vehicles blow up. The truck was still running so I turned it off. I just wanted to get out so I just climbed out the driver’s side window the best I could and then had a breakdown.

"Luckily the guy I was working with who was driving in front of me and came back is also a paramedic. He took care of everything, which was awesome." Duncan Fire Department personnel were quickly on the scene, closing off the road so they could deal with the situation.